Are you thinking about building a nice comfortable chair for your wife, mother or grandmother?  Just think of how happy they will be once you present them with their new chair built by you.  That will be such a great feeling that you can cherish for a long time.

woodworking chair plans

Woodworking furniture plans for chairs are very common.  Chairs are fairly easy to build and don’t require a lot of materials.  There are several different kinds of chairs that you can build.  The armchair is probably the most common.  They are easy to build, the cuts are fairly easy they and don’t require a lot of materials.  Once you become good at it and have built a few armchairs, you will readily see the difference in quality between the armchairs that you have built and the armchairs that you can by in the stores.  The chairs that you have built will be superior in quality.

Patio lounge chairs are another favorite that are easy to build and require few materials.  These chairs are usually made out of cedar wood because cedar is a wood that is pretty much weather resistant.  This is important for furniture that will be left outside.  You can either make or buy the cushions.  If you are buying the cushions, it may be a good idea to buy the cushions first and then build the chair to fit the cushions.

How about a good old fashioned rocking chair?  These are favorites in many homes.  Rocking chairs are perfect for relaxing and watching your favorite TV program, or reading a book.  Probably more naps are taken in rocking chairs than in any other chair in the home.  Rocking chairs are also fairly easy to make.  My favorites are the rocking chairs that have back, seat, arm and head cushions that tie onto the chair.

There are many other kinds of chairs you can build.  Why not get yourself a good set of  plans and get started.  Check out these great 75 Woodworking Chair Plans.

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